Our Vision

The journey from analog to digital has been about balance. A never ending push and pull in pursuit of the perfect equation for optimized performance and service. We believe we have found that balance.

Robert Farago, CDT

Founder, Director of Dental Technology

Bob achieved the highest level of expertise in dental technology along with an unmatched comprehension of dental prosthetic principals in his work as private technician in the prosthodontic office of Dr. Lloyd Miller in Weston, MA, and his subsequent collaboration with leading restorative practices across New England. Working alongside Dr. Miller also enabled Bob to gain exceptional insights on the the dynamics of an effective working relationship between a skilled dentist and skilled technician.

While working with Dr. Miller, they often discussed if it was even possible for a production lab to produce a consistent product of quality that could rival an in-house technician. They often ‘agreed to disagree’ on the subject but Bob was determined to test his theory. Later in life when Bob acquired CDL, he assembled a small group of highly-skilled CDT’s who share his passion for excellence. The members of this elite technical team follow clearly-defined principles and systems to achieve a level of quality and consistency far above that of laboratories that follow outmoded “traditional” laboratory protocols.

Bob founded Concord Dental Lab on the following core principles:

  1. The fundamentals of dental technology could be organized into clearly-defined, standardized systems and procedures covering every detail of the manufacture of restorations.

  2. This unique road map to success would then be transferable to skilled  technicians.

  3. A laboratory staffed by those technicians and dedicated to meeting the highest standards of quality, consistency, and service would attract talented, quality-focused dentists. 

After mastering the production work-flow to create high-end consistency on every case, all that remained was adding the technology and operational systems that allowed this streamlined team to produce in higher volumes. In 2008 Bob’s son, Michael, joined the company as a consultant on this specific project.

Bob sold the company to his son, Michael in late 2018, but remains with the company as the Director of Dental Technology. Bob continues to spend each day working on the craft he has spent nearly 50 years mastering.

Michael Farago

President, CEO

A graduate of the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University, Michael holds a dual BSBA in Business Management and Organizational Behavior. Additionally, he holds an MBA with a focus in Behavioral Business Management.

Using his background, Michael joined the Concord Dental team as a part-time technology consultant in 2008. A year later, he joined the company full-time as Chief Operating Officer. Michael has spent the last several years modernizing a nearly 60 year old company. A ground-up redesign of management, training, accounting and technology services at the company has resulted in tremendous growth. As a result of building on his father’s reputation for work of exceptional quality, Concord Dental Laboratory is considered an industry leader for service and innovation.

In 2016, Michael became Chief Executive Officer of Concord Dental Laboratory and in late 2018 he purchased the company from his father.

Throughout his time at Concord Dental Laboratory, Michael has continued with his true passion – small business consulting. Since 2011, Michael has worked with over 100 organizations stretching across dozens of industries. Michael has had the privilege of assisting these organizations with a variety of needs – hiring and team formation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Management Training, and Transition planning.

In addition to his business ventures, Michael sits on multiple educational boards and is an adjunct professor of business.

Michael believes that the future of Concord Dental Laboratory will continue to be built on the balance between the traditional dental technology systems that his father has perfected and the mastering and utilization of the latest in technology and equipment.