Product Offerings

Crown and Bridge

Full-Contour Zirconia

Milled from a solid puck of medical-grade zirconia, this monolithic restoration is the non-alloy representation of a full gold crown. This product is digitally designed and milled in our facility and each unit is custom-colored by hand. The monolithic nature of this product reduces its aesthetics, but its natural strength makes it nearly indestructible. Choose the high-translucency option for a more aesthetic (but slightly weaker) restoration.

Layered Zirconia

Medical-grade zirconia is designed and milled to create a substructure on which porcelain is stacked. This product is known for being “the new PFM” because they are created using the same fundamentals, but with three major advantages. This product eliminates alloy cost, allows for higher aesthetics by eliminating ‘greying’ at the margin, and eliminates the opaque process, which reduces the number of interfaces where failure can occur.

3/4 Full Contour Zirconia

When the strength of a Full-Contour Zirconia is combined with the aesthetics of Layered Zirconia you get the newest 3/4 restoration on the market. This restoration is created using the same medical-grade zirconia and is designed as a solid restoration from margin to occlusion – with a cutback on the facial. This cutback is then stacked with layered porcelain to achieve a highly aesthetic restoration with solid zirconia on the chewing surface.

IPS e.Max® Press

Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is melted and pressed using the lost-wax production process that has existed in the lab for decades. This high-aesthetic restoration is perfect for anterior restorations and veneers. However, it is contraindicated for bridges and restorations over implants.

Classic PFM

Almost exactly the same today as it has been for nearly 50 years – an alloy substructure is opaqued and stacked with porcelain. While this product has its limitations when it comes to translucency and aesthetics, it has necessary uses when it comes to precision attachments and certain long-span bridges. The alloy substructures of today are created using Selective Laser Milling (SLM) rather than casting – this process provides better fit and consistency

Full Gold Crown

The old standard with a high-tech twist. Full Gold Crowns are now manufactured utilizing Selective Laser Milling (SLM). The crown is designed digitally and a laser cuts the final restoration from a solid block of the selected alloy. The casting process of the past required the alloy to be melted twice – once when the ingots were created, and again to cast the final restoration. The SLM process only requires the alloy to be melted once which maintains the integrity of the alloy. The crown is then finalized and polished by hand.


Custom Design CAD/CAM

A custom abutment is digitally designed by our team at the lab. The abutment is designed using a rendering of the final restoration. Designing both the restoration and abutment together allows us to maximize the restorative results. The designed abutment file is then sent to a milling center that holds an FDA 510K clearance. Our default milling center is Straumann® unless otherwise requested. The abutment is milled to our design and returned to the lab where we complete the case. Our design files can be milled in either Titanium or Zirconia – both medical-grade materials.

Stock, Prep, or Ti-base

A pre-fabricated abutment is purchased and milled by hand to best suit the restorative need of the case. The abutment can be provided to the lab by the practice, or the lab can order the abutment. After the abutment is hand-milled, the finished abutment is then scanned digitally to produce the final restoration. The pre-fabricated nature of this product option can limit emergence profile options which can impact the final restorative result.

OEM – Custom

OEM or ‘Original Equipment Manufacturer’ is the process in which the abutment manufacturing process is outsourced to the manufacturer of the implant placed in the patient’s mouth. Each manufacturer has individualized production processes which can vary the final time and cost of the case. Certain manufacturers allow the laboratory to be involved in the design portion of the final abutments, while others do not.

Other Products

Temporary Crown

Our temporary crowns are manufactured from a multi-layered PMMA puck. The case is designed digitally and milled before being finished by hand. Temps can be manufactured to final preps, or we can create a shell-temp that can be relined chair-side. Temporary crowns are designed to be representative of the final restoration – this gives the patient a chance to ‘test-drive’ their new smile and provide feedback.

Diagnostic Temporary

Diagnostic temporaries are designed for short-term use or to be used as a try-in appliance. The temporary can be designed and tried-in to check shape and occlusion prior to the final long-term temporary being manufactured. This product is made from a 3D Printed Denture tooth material which allows for chair-side adjustments to be made easily.

Diagnostic Wax-up

Diagnostic wax-ups are treated as final restorations. Pre-op models are hand-prepped by technicians so that we are able to provide a representation of a restoration that can actually be replicated. The prepared model is scanned, the final diagnostic is designed and milled. The milled wax-up is then finalized by hand.