Role of Systems

Technology has radically transformed the ways in which dental laboratories fabricate restorations. Unfortunately most labs still structure their production on traditional models. Serious issues arise when they attempt to blend a 21st century digital workflow with mid-20th century production mindsets and protocols.

Michael Farago, CEO of Concord Dental Lab, received his Masters degree in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Organizational Behavior from Suffolk University. Over the last 10 years, Mike has developed and implemented a comprehensive series of innovative systems to raise Concord Dental Laboratory’s production, business and management systems to levels that meet or exceed those of other precision manufacturing industries.


  • Accurate scheduling and on-time performance
  • Reliable, accurate pre-scheduling of time-sensitive and priority cases
  • Ensuring that instructions are followed and case planning is coordinated with the clinician
  • Controlling costs in a responsible manner
  • Promoting quality by ensuring every case receives the time and attention it requires
  • Exceptional case-to-case consistency
  • Comprehensive in-process quality control at each stage of production
  • New materials and technologies are evaluated and implemented in a methodical and strategic manner