The CDL Difference

Every restoration from Concord Dental Lab benefits from the CDL Difference. The goal of our expert team is to fabricate dental prostheses that recreate the unique form, esthetics, and function of natural dentition. In order to ensure every product we craft achieves this high standard, we focus on the following aspects:

Natural Design

On every CDL case, the key morphological landmarks of the natural dentition are first identified and marked on the models. Our CAD technician then follows this precise patient-specific road map to create the perfect restoration that will seamlessly merge into the oral landscape. A crown or bridge designed this way will consistently demonstrate proper contours and anatomy as well as superior occlusion and contacts. In the hands of our highly trained designer, CAD becomes a powerful clinical tool. The morphological landmarks developed on the model are transferred to the computer and followed step-by-step to create the perfect patient-specific restoration. No other laboratory designs its CAD restorations as carefully as Concord Dental Lab.

Predictable Occlusion and Contacts

The CDL Team employs special protocols during both the design and finishing processes. These CAD protocols ensure that our restorations are in proper centric occlusion. In the event that a crown does need bite adjustment, the dentist only needs to consult the centric contact chart to locate the specific points on that tooth that are in contact, making the process accurate, predictable, and conservative.

Contacts are carefully refined on the solid model.


Optimized Shade Communication

We have developed innovative tools to enable our dentist partners to take and communicate shades more effectively. In addition, we offer in-office lunch and learn presentations to train doctors and staff in these and other advanced protocols.


Your Trusted Advisor and Partner

The team of highly trained and experienced CDTs at Concord Dental Lab can offer you a degree of unmatched support. Their tremendous knowledge base and skill sets can make the difference in case planning and completion.

Are you evaluating new technologies for you office? We can offer you accurate, comprehensive and unbiased advice on the pros and cons of the options in this field.